Mutiny! is a card game about being pirates and stealing gold. The cards in the game represent pirates, mutineers, naval sailors, and other characters. Players use these cards to collect gold, steal from each other, initiate a mutiny, or take other actions. There are three different ways that the game can end, and 36 different characters in the game.

  • Players : 3-6

  • Difficulty : EASY

  • Duration : 10-20 MINUTES

Provided Components

  • Rulebook

  • 36 cards

TOTAL: 4 double-sided A4 sheets, 4 single-sided Letter sheets

Additional Components

  • 45 gold tokens

Mutiny! - Card Types

Mutiny! - 4 Player Endgame

Mutiny! - Endgame

Mutiny - Endgame Score