Ruddy Muckers

Ruddy Muckers is a game about the American political scene of the early 1900s. Each player takes on a different role: two players represent the party nominees, one player represents the press, and one player represents the public. Over the course of a few rounds, players will add cards to their tableau to help their progress, hinder their opponents, or take special actions. Players must use their wits and wile to outsmart their opponents, and no scandal is too much to handle.

  • Players : 2-4

  • Difficulty : MEDIUM

  • Duration : 45-75 MINUTES

Provided Components

  • Rulebook

  • 135 cards

    • 4 Player cards

    • 4 sets of 30 cards​

    • 11 Vote cards

  • Score track

  • Private Vote tokens

  • First player token

TOTAL : 15 double-sided A4 sheets, 1 double-sided Letter sheet, 10 single-sided Letter sheets

Additional Components

  • 10 tokens in each color - Red, Black, Green, Blue

  • 1 current round marker

Ruddy Muckers - Setup

Ruddy Muckers - Midgame

Ruddy Muckers - Endgame

Ruddy Muckers - Endgame Player Tableau

Ruddy Muckers - Endgame Scoretrack