The Black Roses

The Black Roses is a competitive and cutthroat game wherein players advance up the ranks of a secret society. They will use characters, cronies, and skills to help them gain power within the Order. Each player has a unique pair of tracks on the scoretrack which they must complete in order to win the game. There are almost 100 unique actions players can take during the game.

Includes two expansions: The Expansion, Sancti Luminus (components not listed)

  • Players : 2-5

  • Difficulty : MEDIUM-HARD

  • Duration : 90-120 MINUTES

Provided Components

  • Rulebook

  • Card Appendix

  • Reference Guide

  • 160 cards

    • 85 Character cards

    • 25 Crony cards

    • 25 Skill cards

    • 15 Pawn cards

    • 10 Motivation cards

  • Card Mats

  • 32 Event cards

  • Money tokens

TOTAL : 18 double-sided A4 sheets, 6 double-sided Letter sheets, 29 single-sided Letter sheets

Additional Components

  • Six sets of 20 tokens in different colors (stackable if possible)



The Black Roses - Setup

The Black Roses - Starting Hand

The Black Roses - Midgame

The Black Roses - Endgame

The Black Roses - Endgame Hand