The Stakes

The Stakes is a social deduction game about witchcraft hysteria in colonial New England. Players take on the roles of villagers trying to find and eliminate the witches in their town. Each villager has a unique power a player can use, but if that villager is killed, they become a poltergeist which haunts the town. There is no player elimination because the witches are a passive opponent.

  • Players : 3-6

  • Difficulty : EASY

  • Duration : 20-30 MINUTES

Provided Components

  • Rulebook

  • 18 cards

    • 16 Villager cards​

    • 1 Phase Order card

    • 1 Accused token card

  • 24 Tokens

TOTAL : 3 double-sided A4 sheets, 4 single-sided Letter sheets

Additional Components

  • Token to indicate current phase

The Stakes - Setup

Stakes - Endgame